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Next Steps in Mastering TradeStation Programming

The EasyLanguage ABC's: Next Steps in Mastering TradeStation Programming On Thursday, December 12th we held another webinar with futures.io, the largest Futures trading community. The webinar was recorded and a link to the recording and webinar thread on futures.io is below. The webinar deals with "The EasyLanguage ABC's:" and takes the "Next Steps in Mastering TradeStation Programming". We will build on what we learned in the first webinar and add new concepts. Some bullet points are: Control Flow: Loops Order actions & order types Strategy position & performance Backtesting accuracy & assumptions Understanding "Max Bars Back" The webinar deals with legacy EasyLanguage and most of it will be applicable to PowerLanguage for Multicharts, too. Feel free to contact us with any questions or post them in the webinar thread on futures.io.

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First Steps in Mastering TradeStation Programming

The EasyLanguage ABC's: First Steps in Mastering TradeStation Programming On Tuesday, May 23rd @ 4:30PM Eastern US we held a webinar with futures.io, the largest Futures trading community. The webinar was recorded and a link to the recording and webinar thread on futures.io is below. The webinar deals with "The EasyLanguage ABC's:" and explains the "First Steps in Mastering TradeStation Programming". It covers a lot of helpful information that can really simplify your programming life. Some bullet points are: What is EasyLanguage and where can I use it? The EasyLanguage ABC - a foundation of the basics Good coding habits Working with the Tradestation Development Environment Tips and Tricks for finding code errors Make sure to check the webinar thread on futures.io, where you can find the links for the useful resources, codes and some of the slides that I used during the webinar. You can also ask questions there.

Calling Value Areas from a Function in Multicharts- Lesson 07

Value areas from a function - Lesson 07 Display value areas from a multiple output function In the last lesson you learned how to create, call and operate functions. Let's put this knowledge to use today by taking a look at how to use the function that is part of our free Value Area toolset. If you don't have a copy installed already, I would suggest to do that now. We need the function that provides the value areas in this lesson. What are Value Areas? Value Areas give you the areas where a defined amount of volume was traded or where price stayed in for a certain amount of time. A volume value area is the area where a certain percentage of the daily volume was traded in. While TPO (short for Time Price Opportunity) value areas are the areas where price spent a defined amount of time. You would usually look for areas with a width of about 70% of the total volume or total time (roughly one standard deviation). In case you want to learn more about value areas, this link is a good start. A brief function description In the last session we learned that there is no need to know how a function works internally. As long as you know how to call it, you can use it. We will make use of this, while we learn how to work with the "ABC_ValueAreas" function. This is a multiple output function and therefore it can return more than one value. As you learned in lesson six, this is done via reference inputs. We also learned that a function should have a return value, even [...]

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Functions in Multicharts and Tradestation: Lesson 06

Working with Multicharts and Tradestation - Lesson 06: Functions Learn how to create and use functions in Multicharts and Tradestation Let’s take a look at what functions are and how they are used. We can use this as foundation for another lesson when we take a look at how to operate the function that comes with our free Value Area Indicator. In previous lessons we have looked at Moving Averages in various forms. The studies we wrote had all calculations within the main code block. This is fine to demonstrate things or when you only work with a few lines of code. However handling ten different moving averages within your code would require you to add the same code ten times. This would make your code much harder to read and the code maintenance would become harder, too. Think about a logic error you want to fix or a change in the average formula that you want to make. A mistake in the average logic is likely included in all ten code blocks. The change to the formula would have to be made at ten locations within the code. What are functions? Functions can be of help here. As the developer you can keep your code at one location, within a function. You can use this function now to provide the results of the computation to any other code. In case of a logic error in the code this can be a huge help. The error has to be corrected at one place only. At the same time this correction will effect all other codes that call your function. It doesn't even have to be as serious as an error. [...]

Recommended Futures Broker for MultiCharts

Recommended Futures Broker for MultiCharts Over the last couple of month I have been in contact with Matt Zimberg of Optimus Futures and had a chance to get to know the company a bit better. I must admit that I am really impressed by the way they are dedicated to helping and supporting their clients. Therefore I can can confidently recommend them as broker to use with Multicharts (or in general) and you should definitely check them out: Optimus Futures has an excellent reputation in terms of supporting its customers, providing good connectivity via their data feed and its low commissions. Above all, they have a good understanding of the platform they offer. You can see the series of Videos they did about MultiCharts here: MultiCharts Video If you wish to ask technical questions, you may do so on their forum here: MultiCharts Forum If you wish to get a demo of MultiCharts with Optimus, please go here: http://optimusfutures.com/multicharts-platform.html You can contact my broker Matt Zimberg Matt (AT) OptimusFutures.com 800 771 6748 or local at 561 367 8686 He can answer all your questions directly and please make sure to mention you are coming from ABC Trading Group Just to make it clear I don't receive a financial compensation for referring you to them. Ther