How to start an EasyLanguage Programming Project

Turning your ideas into reality

We can help you making your trading ideas a reality. Please take a look at our sample custom EasyLanguage programming project description and flowchart. This can help you formalizing your request. Don’t worry if anything is unclear, we will clarify it with you before we start the project.

Usually you have spent a great amount of time on the ideas you want us to develop for you and know them inside out, you have become the expert on it. To realize your project it can make sense to hire an experienced programmer to make the most out of your ideas and achieve the best results possible.
If you have ever programmed something in EasyLanguage or PowerLanguage (in fact this goes for every programming language of course) you know that it can easily become a work of days and weeks until you are finished. Where the longer it will take the less experience you have in programming. We can offer you our knowledge and programming skills to help you in quickly achieving the results you want. We have not only done EasyLanguage programming, but programmed for every major trading platform.

Our development projects are usually charged at a fixed flat fee we provide our customers with after we agree on the specifications of the project, so you are save with the costs and know exactly what to expect upfront. This also means that even if takes us twice as long as we estimated initially, the pricing stays the same, as long as you don’t alter the original specifications we agreed upon. We are looking forward to your EasyLanguage programming project.

We need some information to be able to provide you with your project based flat fee for your project. Each EasyLanguage programming project includes discussing the requirements, development and testing time as well as 30 days of support, we need a written specification of the logic for your idea. Additionally the fixing of bugs is included, even after the 30 days, as long as the missing or not functioning feature was included in the original project specifications. We believe you shouldn’t pay extra to have your EasyLanguage programming project completed.

Please feel free to take a look at our project description example and flowchart that can serve as a guideline for you. If the specifications are not very clearly defined or the programming request is complex then it will not be possible to provide you with an accurate flat fee and the project would need to be billed on an hourly rate basis.
We highly value your privacy and the confidentially of your intellectual property. Therefore we guarantee that we will neither share your ideas nor your finished project with a third party. Besides that we can prepare a legal agreement (Non Disclosure Agreement) if deemed necessary.

We firmly believe that satisfied customers are our best publicity, so we will go the extra mile to ensure that you are satisfied with our work.