Multicharts Programming

Multicharts programming is a synonym for developing code within Multicharts Powerlanguage. Since its creation in 2005 Multicharts has quickly become one of industry’s leading trading and charting platforms. It originally started out as a very basic chart tool. Due to the innovative development it evolved into an award winning software.

One of the benefits is the huge number of data feeds and brokers that are supported. You are not limited to one solution only, but have the freedom of choice.
Another feature that makes it stand out is its EasyLanguage friendliness. This makes it possible to use most of your EasyLanguage code for your Multicharts programming, too. As EasyLanguage is around for almost two decades now, there are many code pieces and examples available on the Internet.

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It was the first true 64-bit retail automated trading and charting software. This is giving it unmatched calculation speed and access to computer resources. Even today there are not many true 64-bit trading platforms. Some competitors claim being 64-bit software, but are still driven by a 32-bit framework under the hood. Since we offer Multicharts programming we have seen a lot of situations where clients do a lot of strategy optimization. This is an area where you can really profit from the speed advange coming from Multicharts 64-bit.

With the latest release Multicharts has become the first charting platform to work with DTN IQ’s millisecond precision data feed. This offers many new possibilities as well.
The charts have the ability to display volume profiles. You can chart delta bars and cumulative delta and calculate indicators on it. This can even be done without Multicharts programming. Simply load the indicator to the cumulative delta data stream and it will be calculated.

Multicharts – A Feature Rich Trading Platform

Multicharts comes with automated trading, where the software can execute your signals directly on your brokerage account. On top of that it offers Portfolio Backtesting. Even full portfolio tradining is announced for Multicharts 9. At the time of writing this article Multicharts 8.7 is the official release, so it won’t be too long.

A realtime market scanner completes the arsenal of tools. The scanner allows you to visually scan for certain customizable conditions across many markets. A Multicharts programmer can use this to his advantage when using colors that help seeing matched conditions quickly.

Another great thing about the company is that they actually listen to user requests. We have suggested many additions or have not been satisfied with the way things were implemented. More often than not they listened to our requests. It goes without saying that an implementation is much more likely, if other users would benefit from it, too. Others have described having the same experience with the Multicharts Programmers. So it should be pointed out that this is a company that really listens to their clients’ needs. This makes it a great tool that constantly evolves and fulfills every Multicharts programming need.
As a customer you should be able to expect this from all software companies, but sadly this is not the case. Getting this kind of service really is refreshing.

Looking for help with your Multicharts programming?

If you haven’t done so already, I would definitely recommend checking their software out with their 30 day trial and see for yourself. In case you need help with your Multicharts programming, take a look at what we can do to help you. Our service covers the custom programming, consulting and much more.