Multicharts – Raising The Trading Standard

Experiencing the multiple award-winning software has never been that easy. We thought about making your decision to switch to Multicharts even easier: For every lifetime license of Multicharts that you buy by following the link on this website you will receive one hour worth of custom programming service with us. For every Multicharts and Multicharts.NET bundle that you buy, you even receive two hours of free custom programming service. The time could for example be used to convert studies you are currently using to Multicharts PowerLanguage, C# for Multicharts.NET, or for work on your custom project – like an indicator or trading idea you want to backtest. There are no hidden additional fees and you’ll buy directly from Multicharts. To be applicable for the bonus you must start the buying process via the links on this website. Click here to get to the payment links directly.

The Best Trading Platform

Having been asked this question over and over again – “what is the best trading platform?” – my answer always is the same. There is no such thing as the best platform in my opinion. This is the same as asking for the best novel, the best car or the best sport. Ask ten different people about the best novel in the world, chances are you’ll receive ten different answers. And guess what, they are all correct as it is a very subjective thing and comes down to personal preferences and likings. So the best trading platform for you is the platform that offers you the features and usability you need at a price you can effort. Having said this I can tell you why Multicharts is my number one platform amongst all platforms I use. Multicharts is a feature rich platform and offers a lot of tools that are very useful for both the algorithmic and the discretionary trader. Let’s take a look at some of the features and advantages Multicharts offers. Due to the vast amount of features I can only show you a limited amount, but this should still give you a good idea if the platform is for you. All features I display can be found in both Multicharts and Multicharts.NET.  You can find more detailed informations and feature descriptions directly at

A Wide Variety Of Supported Brokers And Datafeeds

Multicharts offers access to all popular data providers giving you the freedom of choice. You can even use multiple data feeds for backup reasons or to access more markets.
A huge list of brokers are supported as well and even more are added with every new release. Just recently the popular Forex broker Oanda has been added for example.