Easylanguage Tutorials – Lesson 0

EasyLanguage Tutorial - Lesson 0 Learning EasyLanguage as easy as ABC A new school year starts after the summer holidays here. This seems to be the perfect time to finally start something I had in mind for a long time. I wanted to create a set of Easylanguage tutorials that help users with starting to learn how to program in Multicharts and Tradestation. At least help them in understanding basic coding principles. If you already have coding experience in either of the programs these EasyLanguage tutorials will probably not be for you. The lessons will be geared towards Multicharts, as the build in PowerLanguage is more powerful than Tradestation’s EasyLanguage. At the same time what works within EasyLanguage will usually work within PowerLanguage, too. I will highlight differences in the two languages, thus making sure you can use the lessons for Tradestation, too. Tradestation and Multicharts have expanded the programming capabilities of their software a lot over the last years. Tradestation has extended EasyLanguage with object oriented components. It’s called OOEL (object oriented EasyLanguage) which allows for more complex programming. Multicharts.NET even takes it one step further as you can program in C# or VB.NET. This offers great possibilities for experienced programmers. Some brokers even offer Multicharts.NET for free. As the EasyLanguage tutorials focus on the basics (and Multicharts.NET doesn’t use EasyLanguage or Powerlanguage anyway) I will concentrate on EasyLanguage and PowerLanguage first. My goal is to create one lesson per week and I will try to have a couple of lessons ready for publishing in advance. So in case there will be little time, I still have something to publish for you. As I said I will start with basic concepts [...]